We are honored and excited to exhibit a few selections of the multi-layered body of work from artist Lynn Azali.  Please join us for the opening reception Saturday March 19 from 7-10 pm at Folklore Salon: 1102 Mohawk St. LA, 90026

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/232857713715428/


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Lynn Azali aims to express her learning of mixing human figure, layers, composition and color through Paint Illustration. Her work extends beyond private collections of friends and family and onto the walls of buyers attending her showings throughout the Central Coast and Southern California.

Born and raised in San Fernando Valley, California, Lynn studied Architecture at California Polytechnic University, in San Luis Obispo (2000-2005) and Scandinavian Design at Denmark International Study, in Copenhagen (2003-2004). She currently resides in Long Beach, California; and works fulltime as an Architectural Designer.

Lynn’s showing experience includes, but is not limited to: galleries, retail boutiques, cafes and night life events. Please feel free to contact or share thoughts via email at lynnazali@yahoo.com

Complimentary beer and wine.

posted by Vanessa Craig