Education/ Certification:
Vidal Sassoon Academy
Barber School
Pony’s 15 year experience in hair cutting combines traditional barbering and modern hairdressing techniques to fit your individual style.

Where are you from?
East Los Angeles. Born and raised.

What influenced your decision to become a hairdresser?
My Mother. A super high femme. She taught me at a young age the importance of self-care through grooming and good hygiene.

What do you feel your specialty is and what training have you sought in this area?
I’ve always loved short hair from Death Rock hair to Jackie O. looks. The details are so important, it’s what makes a short haircut personal to the wearer. So I tend to ask many questions during my consultations.

When I graduated cosmetology school, I knew cutting hair was my thing. I went to Vidal Sassoon for advance and refresher courses, then half way through my career, enrolled in Barber School. Then everything made sense! I still continue to seek out education. The best advice I’ve ever received was ‘the minute you stop learning about hair, just stop doing it because it will show in your work.’

What are you doing when you’re not behind the chair?
I like listening to records, reading, spending time with my cat. Performing, traveling, visiting museums, supporting queer art, and community organizing. I live a very big, fulfilling life. I’m in constant gratitude and awe daily.

What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?
More Vidal Sassoon Academy advanced courses. I’m always brainstorming. So stay tuned…

How do you take your coffee?
Black when its good. Otherwise, with almond milk.